Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes from Personal Archiving 2012, Internet Archives

Personal Archiving website:

Some of the interesting Websites mentioned

By Stan James
By Jonathan Harris
By Kaliya Hamlin
Commercial site: Pinterest

"Are we digital hoarders?"
The conference has been amazingly fun and great. The only thing that I make me think negatively is that people using the term "digital hoarder" somewhat casually, for example "I am a digital hoarder." Although I am aware that people have different definitions of words that they are using, hoarding or hoarder carries a psychological sense or at least a sense of excessive behavior that causes some sort of abnormality in everyday lives. Simply because people tend to collect more, a lot more, digital information, it does not seem appropriate to "tag" it as a hoarding behavior. Also, I do not feel right about using the term casually since there are people who need professional help due to this type of abnormal behavior.

"Pro-active approach"
Another thing makes me want to raise my hands is a repetitive emphasis on "pro-active approach." As a person with archives and preservation background, I fully understand the benefits and necessity of proactive approach. I am all for it. However, I also want to be a bit critical and rethink about it. Meanings, values, memories, and especially narratives that many people in here advocate to capture, are changing constantly closely related to the course of life, depending on the very context of life. Proactive approach might miss this delicate, complex, and dynamic nature of the life-long relationship between people and their digital documents.

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