Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Personal digital archives as a research theme

Personal digital archives is my doctoral research topic. This idea began with simple curiosity about the methods used by individuals to preserve digital materials in their everyday lives, such as digital photographs, document files, websites, blogs, and audio-video materials.
In my study, the meaning of personal digital archives is not limited to preserving personal records at the institutional level, but includes individual archives managed and operated by people in their private lives.

I want to explore how ordinary people can build and maintain their personal and/or family archives in the digital information environment. Personal digital archives are not only about storing digital objects, but are also about preserving individuals' life time experiences, memories, and relationship with others and societies that carry priceless historical values.
This issue will also include topics such as personal records-keeping and/or preservation behavior and social meanings of archiving activities. I prefer genre oriented, domain-specific, and micro approaches built on real experiences.
"Personal digital archives" which will and/or should be everywhere in the near future.

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