Sunday, January 6, 2008

Defining personal digital archives

While I took the Appraisal and Selection of Records class instructed by Dr. Patricia Galloway I had an opportunity to consider further about how I can define personal digital archives in my research.
Personal digital archives mean private archives of ordinary individuals that:
1. Contain personal digital materials created, collected and accumulated by individuals that carry one’s life experiences and memories;
2. Are originated and developed by individuals in their daily lives;
3. Are more than collections but archives that have a potential for long term existence after the individual dies, preserved not necessarily at the institutional level but at the grass-roots level.


john said...

Every print publication should contain archives. I saw recently a website provides digitization services for print publications like books, news papers, magazines, journals, etc. Most of the publishers are using the services of

Being said...

Thank you for the information. I agree. Moreover there is an interesting report about digital publication related to archiving: Addressing the uncertain future of preserving the past, 2007 Rand Corporation.